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  • September 2018:  Things are off and running in our schools. Teachers in grades K-2 were each given a "Recess Pack" that included various equipment that they could use when taking their class out for recess. 
  • August 2018: As the summer winds down, so do things in the PEP grant office. We were busy this month wrapping up our year end reports that will be due in September and planning for more exciting things for our next and final year of the grant.
  • July 2018:  Wow! What an incredible start to Summer Rec. Our staff has been phenomenal and the students are LOVING the new cooking section we are offering. They have made yogurt parfaits, banana boats, healthy fruit critters, omelettes, just to name a few! 
  • June 2018:  Two classrooms at the IS exercised their way to a nutrition field trip to Wegmans! These two classes had the highest average of students meeting their physical activity goal of exercising for at least 60 minutes a day during their time with the Polar Active watches. Students got a grand tour of the grocery store, getting to sample various foods from each section, then they made healthy snacks in the kitchen! 
  • May 2018:  With close to 200 students already registered for Summer Rec we are finalizing our staff and plans for a new and exciting program we will be offering. 
  • April 2018: We had a successful Wellness Week and a fun filled wellness night. There was a lot to do, from visiting our community vendors to learning some new hip hop moves, checking out the Wellness and Fitness Centers, planting some seeds, and filling our stomachs up with various healthy treats students made in the Cafeteria. 
  • March 2018: The IS Building Wellness Committee is working hard to plan another fun and exciting Wellness Week that will be an opportunity to show their spirit and for families to join us for a night of cooking, gardening, and dancing! Our nutrition educator visited K-2 STEM classrooms this month to teach our students about the benefits of eating a healthy balanced diet. The students loved trying new fruits and vegetables!  
  • February 2018: Plans are underway as we start planning for Summer Rec. Stay tuned for more information as we look to finalize hiring in March. Postings can be found on the Pembroke Employment page. We have also begun working with PE teachers to identify gaps in the curriculum, aligning units to the state and national PE standards, and adding assessments to assess student learning and track progress. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, standards based PE program that will educate all students to become lifelong learners that promote their health through physical activity and proper nutrition.  
  • January 2018: Flooring was installed in the new IS Fitness Center and the equipment has been delivered and set up. The new room will house 8 treadmills, 4 interactive spin/cycling bikes, 4 Octane Ellipticals, 2 standard ellipticals, and 2 Sci-Fit Adaptive Cardio pieces. We will be putting finishing touches in the room to include a white board, projector, and vinyl posters/diagrams. Stay tuned for more information on our Grand Opening! The Alexander Elementary Department had a delayed delivery from Santa. New and exciting PE equipment was delivered and the teachers have already begun using it during their PE classes. Ask your son/daughter about the fun things they are doing in class!
  • December 2017:  Buffalo News features an article about our physical activity data (
  • November 2017:  PE Teachers from both districts attended the NYSAHPERD Conference paid for by the grant. Teachers learned from other professionals on ways to enhance the current curriculum. The first data collection period for year 2 was completed. 
  • October 2017 Approval was granted to begin year 2 projects that include purchasing equipment for a new cardio room at Pembroke Intermediate, equipment for Alexander Elementary Phys Ed, a 10 person cooking cart, equipment for Pembroke JrSr HS weight room, guest speakers, and family fitness night events just to name a few. The Batavia Daily highlight our Year 1 initiatives (
  • September 2017: The final year 1 report has been submitted, once approved we can get started on purchasing equipment and implementing year 2 initiatives. The Intermediate School travelled to Alexander to join their 3rd-6th graders for a rockin' Jump with Jill assembly to promote physical activity and proper nutrition habits.  
  • August 2017: The functional fitness room is starting to take shape as all major equipment has been delivered and installed. PE teachers will be going through professional development and curriculum planning to incorporate this new room into the curriculum. Planning for Year 2 projects are already underway and will get started once our report has been approved by the federal grant monitor.   
  • July 2017: Flooring for the HS functional fitness center was installed and painting is underway to prep the room for equipment delivery that will occur in August. The summer rec program has been well underway with over 200 students registered for the program.  
  • June 2017: This month was busy as we started to wrap up our orders. All the HS Fitness Center equipment has been ordered and we will be spending the summer converting the testing center into the new functional fitness room. The PEP grant will continue into the summer months as we will fully fund the Summer Rec program previously run by the town. We are happy to announce we will be providing transportation for all students to and from the program that will run from 9am-12pm Monday- Thursday from June 26th until August 4th. 
  • May 2017: The last round of data collection took place this month. It has been a very hectic year with the need to complete 3 data collection periods in a short 5 month span. The data is important to help us evaluate and assess our progress of meeting the goals of the PEP grant. Before the teachers head off for summer vacation, we are finalizing orders for the completion of our Year 1 projects. 
  • April 2017: More equipment continues to be delivered for the HS and IS Fitness Centers. We have received body bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, yoga mats, agility ladders, resistance bands, agility hurdles, etc. The flooring was also put down in the IS Wellness Room. We are looking to finalize this room by May! A board presentation on the PEP grant was also done on April 18th. A copy of the presentation can be found here. If you click on the title of the presentation it will direct you to a very touching video and puts what we are doing into perspective. 
  • March 2017:  Dragon Warrior Wellness Night was a HUGE success! We had over 250 people attend our family wellness night that included a ninja warrior obstacle course, family cooking classes, and a wellness fair with over 10 different vendors helping us promote health, wellness and physical activity. Please visit our photo gallery to see pictures from this event. 

    Data collection period 2 wrapped up in March. Our last data collection period for Year 1 will take place in May.

    K-6 Wellness Week took place the week of March 6th. Each day students was a different spirit day, where students showed their support for physical activity and nutrition. Tuesday was Tasting Tuesday where students were able to sample fresh fruits such as mangoes, kiwis, watermelon, cantaloupe, as well as sample strawberry banana and tropical fruit smoothies.
  • February 2017: ​Finalized plans for the IS Wellness Room to include Fitness equipment such as medicine balls, lighter dumbbells, rock wall, projection system, Ipads, Xbox Kinect. New HS Functional Fitness Center- this new facility which will include TRX Suspension Wall, an open space for group fitness classes, Battle Ropes, and fitness equipment such as plyo boxes, dumbbells, kettle bells, slam balls, agility ladders, hurdles, etc.

    Nutrition Education is underway for Pembroke grades K-6. The CATCH curriculum was integrated in the PE classes to teach students about SLOW, WHOA, and GO foods, foods that are healthy for our bodies. 

  • January 2017: Baseline data collection began; Conversion of IS classroom to Wellness Room; Plans underway for development of PHS and PIS Fitness Centers; iPads delivered for use by PE teachers during class; Snowshoes ordered for use in Alexander; $60,000 worth of Fitness Equipment ordered for Alexander; Family Fitness/Ninja Warrior Night planned for PIS
  • December 2016:  CATCH Curriculum ordered for K-6 students to promote nutrition and healthy eating habits; Polar Active Activity Monitors, FitnessGram software, Omron Body Fat Analyzers and additional FitnessGram tools ordered to begin data collection in January; Alexander weight room equipment sent out for public bid

  • November 28, 2016:  Mai Nguyen, PEP Grant Director and Julie Hodge, Nutrition Educator/Alexander Coordinator begin working to implement grant initiatives

  • October 1, 2016: $1.8 million PEP Grant awarded to implement PALS for Healthy Lifestyles

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