Current Employment Opportunities:

Substitute Aides:

  • Minimum Wage per hour

Substitute Teachers (Certified or Non-certified):

  • $130.00 per day for NYS Certified & Non-Certified Teachers

  • $150.00 per day for Retired Certified Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teaching Assistants (Certified or Non-certified):

  • $100.00 per day for NYS Certified & Non-Certified Teaching Assistants 

Substitute Nurses (RN and/or LPN):

  • $130.00 per day

Substitute Bus Drivers

  • $20.00/hour

Application Procedures

Application Procedures

Applying for a teaching position:

Individuals interested in either permanent or substitute positions with the Pembroke Central School District should complete an on-line application by clicking on the link below: https://www.wnyric.org/application

For a current listing of Certified jobs: https://wnyric.atenterprise.powerschool.com/ats/job_board?APPLICANT_TYPE_ID=00000001&COMPANY_ID=00005387&REPRESENTATIVE_COMPANY_ID=BA001117

For a current listing of Classified jobs: https://wnyric.atenterprise.powerschool.com/ats/job_board?APPLICANT_TYPE_ID=00000002&COMPANY_ID=00005387&REPRESENTATIVE_COMPANY_ID=BA001117

All related supporting documents, including credential file, must be scanned in and attached to your online application.

Candidates must hold a valid NYS teaching certificate.

Applying for a service employee position (Nurse, Bus Driver, Cleaner):

Applicants for any other jobs available in the Pembroke Central School District should download, print and complete the:

Once completed, submit the application and any additional supporting documents to:

ATTN: Sandra Lang
Pembroke Central School District
PO BOX 308
Corfu, NY 14036

Questions regarding service employee openings can be directed to:

Sandra Lang
District Clerk
(585) 599-4525 x1950