Congratulations to the Pembroke Varsity Swim Team!

Our varsity swim team has been awarded the Rochester-Monroe County Officials Sportsmanship award. This is a huge honor as it recognizes the efforts of our athletes, coaches and families to go above and beyond throughout the season. Our swim program has earned a great reputation in our region. The criteria for selection is as follows; our athletes, coaches and families consistently promoted respect, encourage all participants, fairness, good judgment and team spirit in their program.

The Rochester-Monroe County Swimming and Diving Officials developed this award to recognize and highlight the teams that understand the real value of character and integrity within the sport. Our program has been nominated several times for this recognition over the years. Being selected as the award recipient this year is a testement to the hard work of our coaches and athletes towards the development of sportsmanship that is so crucial in high school athletics. 

Congratulations to the Pembroke Swimming Team!!"


Have you ever heard of a WIG? Or a DIG?

You may likely be aware that students in the Pembroke Central School District in addition to learning about Core Curriculum, are also learning about The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Through the 7 Habits, students are learning about important personal habits of leadership that will help them to be successful on their life journey. It is well established that motivation is an important aspect of learning and achievement and therefore, goal setting becomes a critically important component to reaching our potential. So, have you ever heard about a WIG? No/Yes? If not, don’t feel bad … A WIG is an acronym for ‘Wildly Important Goal. And maybe by extension you made a connection that since we are the Pembroke Dragons, and since we like acronyms, a DIG is simply a Dragon Important Goal. A little fun with our mascot name around an important topic of goal setting for our “Little Dragons”! Goal setting can take place through individual goals, team goals, building goals, and district goals. 

Now, moving forward, we plan to emphasize and improve on processes that to a large extent we already are in good habits of doing in the Pembroke Central School District, and that is goal-setting! We believe that working together to establish important grade-level and building-wide goals, we will be able to model and teach our students how to set their own personal ‘Wildly Important Goals!”

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