Reach Out

Along with academic growth, the Pembroke Central School District is committed to support our students' mental and physical health. We are pleased to announce an additional resource for this commitment called ReachOut. This program provides another tool for our students to utilize, allowing them to reach a trained mental health professional, when they are feeling their most vulnerable, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our Dragons will have three easily accessible options for utilizing this resource, voice, text or webchat. To access the voice or text options, students can call or send a text message to 585-378-5575. Along with the voice / text options, you may have also noticed that the web page has a new addition. In the lower right hand corner of the district homepage, you will now find an orange circle with a white speech bubble inside. If you were to click on this button, you will be connected with the same mental health support team that answers the phone and text line.

Every day the teachers and staff work tirelessly with our students to support the academic and
socio-emotional development. This new program will work in tandem with all of our in-school supports to help ensure the safety and mental health of all our dragons.